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    That's a proper box of tone toys Stan. I particularly love the SD pickup booster (mine will never leave my board).

    Still running my OCD on 9 volts. What's the benefit of juicing it higher?
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    Not that it doesn't sound great with nine volts! I think it was Mike that suggested I try it with 18v. It seems to make it a bit more dynamic. I believe that it doesn't sound quite as harsh on the high end with 18v, but that could be subjective. And when you back off on picking velocity, or roll the volume back it seems to clean up a little better, but it's not a radical change. I just happened to have an 18 volt wall wart laying around so I tried it.

    I have a friend who builds stompers and it seems that most of his demand, or at least sound better at 18v. I get to try out his boxes as he comes up with them and give him some feedback 'n stuff.

    If you're interested, his stuff can be found at
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