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    do you mean the jag or mustang bridge? cuz my mustang bridge really doesn't give me any problems. It's pretty much in tune everytime i pick it up. if you push the bridge foreward or backward it will flip forewards and backwards but you really have to want it to move to move it. the jag and jazz bridges have extra hight adjusters in the saddles (mustang saddles just move forewards and backwards not up and down; the bridge itself moves up and down though), some say they don't like them (jag and jazz bridges), i haven't used one so i don't know. lots of people who have jag and jazzes put mustang bridges in place of the stock bridges because, i guess there easier to deal with.
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    Way back when (about 1968) I owned a tele, a strat, and my '61 SG/LP. My bass player had a mustang that he brought along to gigs. I found myself only using two guitars, the SG/LP and the mustang. I preferred his little mustang over the strat and tele, it was just a better guitar to play.
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    There was a Mustang sighting last night on Leno. I had no idea who it was but I was walking by the TV and saw some nice looking girl singer playing a white Mustang. Sounded pretty poorly actually, and I found out this morning it was Liz Phair.

    P.S. I had Roy work on my old Mustang Saturday. Put a SD Nashville Studio 5-2 in the neck and a Lil '59 in the bridge. Sounds sweet......
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