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    Hi guys, a week ago i traded a Boss DD-3 delay for A Squire I have never heard of. I guess it suppose to be sort of rare. It's called a Squire M-80 with a bolt on neck. And it also has to humbuckers , its in good condition has a little buckle rash on the back. I have an American Fender Telecaster and right now I think i like the M-80 a little better. This is a fun guitar to play, the frets are a little closer and makes it fast to play and tome easier to chord. I have never seen one before, as soon as I can i will post a picture. its a dark reddish color. The humbuckers sound very good in it and they are probably cheap. I looked on line not much info on them, how ever they made 2 models. One was a bolt on neck with chrome pickups they said Duncan design and the one i have is a bolt on neck. Do any of you know more then I do about it, I don't think I would ever get rid of it, It sounds awesome on my Rivera Clubster Royale
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    Todd Krause designed, so has to be good.

    I want pictures of that amp too!
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