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    Default 76’ Twin Reverb

    Years ago I got this 76 Twin Reverb and I played it for a while but I was sensing some disturbance in the force. I purchased some JJ Eurotubes and did the bias but the disturbance remained. I pulled the chassis and sent it off to my guy in New Mexico. He did a complete re-cap and cleaned up the wiring along with a Blackface mod. Now the amp is better than new and sounds great with my Gibbys and my Fenders. Still has original speakers installed. I had toyed with the idea of some Weber speakers but not sure on that. Currently I am am making plans for him to build me a JTM 45 amp but that would be another discussion. Anyway I love this amp and she is a heavy beast on wheels.

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    I was going to try to add a pic but I don’t really know how to trim the size for an upload. It says file is too large. Oh well.
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    Congrats. I've never played a Fender twin but sure would like to.
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    My first experience with electric guitar was playing a friend's axe through his Twin Reverb. It changed my life. They are amazing boxes. Congratulations, Doug!
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