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    Default Fender Discontinues MIM Standard Series

    Fender Announces New Player Series to Replace MIM Standards

    Fender made news in the guitar and gear world today with the announcement that its Mexican Standard Series will be discontinued in favor of a brand-new, entry-level successor line called the Fender Player Series.
    Like the MIM series it's replacing, the Player Series features all of the classic Fender guitar and bass models—Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, and Jaguar guitars, as well as Precision, Jazz, and Jaguar basses—at more affordable price points than their American-made alternatives.
    While the company adheres to its instruments' well-known body shapes, some of the guitars come equipped with non-standard appointments. The Jaguar features a humbucking pickup in the bridge position, while maintaining the single-coil at the neck, and the Jazzmaster features dual humbuckers instead of soapbar pickups.

    About the new line, Fender said, “As with American Professional and Elite, Fender Player Series takes what was great about the Mexican Standard Series and builds upon it, evolving the instruments to set the bar higher than ever before.” Each model features new Alnico pickups, updated body radii, upgraded bridges, 22-fret necks, and new finishes paired with Fender’s classic logo.
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    Hmmm... it looks like Fender is putting better pickups and a few upgrades in them, renaming the series to Fender Player, and bumping up the price a bit. Standard Operating Procedure, and it looks like they are still being made in Mexico. And that is not a bad thing, Mexico has been producing some fine playing guitars, as evidenced by one of my favorite Strats.
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    Remember in the early 2000's the MIM series would put a player's quality Strat, Tele, or (P/J) bass in the hands of a beginner or even journeyman musician for about $300. Just as it was, you could play in a band and sound good. It was a heck of a deal and some of those guitars were honestly good enough for anybody with a pickup upgrade for what... $100?

    Crap, I guess I blinked and 20 years went by.
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