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    Default Been a while..

    Hey all, just wanted to touch base and let you all know I'm still alive. I hope you're all doing great and enjoying the spring/summer. We close on my condo this month, sold my car, and after a little travel, I'll head out to India.

    Its been very hectic lining things up and getting set to move, but little by little most things have fallen into place. I did want to tell you guys something interesting, though. As I may have mentioned before, my fear of heights and water have generally prevented me from driving across major bridges and, as I'm sure you all knew, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is often called the scariest bridge in America, so needless to say, I've never been to that part of Maryland. Luckily, thanks to my intrepid buddy Jim (with whom I've left my guitars and amp for safekeeping), we made an appointment and went on the Paul Reed Smith factory tour. PRS is located in Stevensville, which is right over the bridge in a quiet office park.

    I have to tell you guys, I spent about 2 1/2 hours in Disneyland! The tour guide took us through the whole process - wood selection, bodies and necks for the core line and the S2 line, inlays...finishing - the works. And while we were walking the shop floor, everyone was as nice as could be. Some people would step out and show us stuff they were doing. One guy brought out a Brazilian rosewood neck blank and said, this is about to be turned into a great neck right now. We all held the blank like it was a bar of gold! Our tour guide had been in most sections during her career, but had ended up as a pickup winder. Yes, PRS had several women on the floor - a very nice sign of the times.

    And here's the best part. The last portion of the tour was one floor up in the amp section. As we were walking she peeked into what looked like a "lab" area and said..oh..looks like Paul's here! He was in there with Doug Sewell, his amp guru. And sure enough, Paul came out, chatted with us for a bit and was gracious as could be. All in all, the whole company seemed like a total class act.

    Anyway, I'll stay in touch, although how often is questionable, at least until I get settled in India. Take care of yourselves and rock on!


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    Hey buddy, it's great to hear from you! I'm glad you're doing well and that your great plan is coming together. And wow, what an awesome tour to get to do, that must have been a great experience. Although I don't own any of their pieces, I have long respected PRS for their commitment, dedication and for all they do. Take good care and stay in touch when you can!
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    Awesome when you go somewhere like that, and the top dog is around acting like one of the guys.
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    Hey Srini!

    What a cool experience! Like Stan, I have often marveled and many a time oogled at a PRS. I've just never pulled the trigger on one. While Paul seems "wired a little tight" at times, there is no denying his passion. I'm glad you had a great interaction with him. Save travels on your way to India and keep in touch!

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