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    Default Dented Strat!!!! Help!!!

    Hi! Someone I live with as angry with me and decided a good way to handle that was to take a sharp object to my guitars. The Strat is dented and the paint is chipped. This guitar used to be my dad's and it means the world to me, so I would love to get it fixed. Can this be fixed and, if yes, about how much would it cost?

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    Oh, man.... You done wizzed somebody off!! I would just add to it with one more large dent. Full swing- into the perpetrators effing head. And then move out or move THEM out. Sure it can be fixed; much like you'd fix a dented car. Body filler and paint. You'd have to paint the whole thing though. Might just be OK to leave it like that; then when people ask you "what happened"? You can tell them exactly who (and why, if you want) This "revenge reporting" would go on forever! That would = Payback to me....

    Sorry! Looks like a nice axe.
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