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    Default Versatile Jaguar

    On request of a friend Iím assembling/modding (the word ďbuildingĒ still doesnít suit me since I donít make everything myself) a Jaguar. Started collecting bits and parts and went onto the web for lots of research, since I donít own a jag myself.

    Also the music shops I visit started noticing Iím playing the new American pro Jaguar a lot, haha. Gotta check out the gear!

    Anyways, my friend wanted a short scale guitar, she loves the look and feel of a jag, but sheís not too much into the surfy sound.
    Any advice on other pups than stock are very welcome. Iím leaning towards SD SJAG-2ís of SJAG-3ís. Both sets are decent rich versatile sounds for her rock/alternative sound.

    I want to do the new pro wiring, with the 4-way switch and the phase switch. Got the diagrams and parts list from the friendly people of Fender. The new control plates are not widely sold yet, so Iím still looking for a reseller for that.

    Obviously bridge choice has its considerations, so any advice on that is always welcome, even though I already saw a lot of info and different opinions on that here on the forum and other forums.

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    The best Trem is the Mastery. The Mastery bridge is right up there as well, but some folks prefer the Staytrem bridge.

    For pickup alternatives that will fit a Jag pickguard,

    Seymour Duncan has a "Hot Jaguar" and also a Quarter Pounder Jaguar pickup. Having used their Quarter Pounder Strat and Tele pickups, I can tell you they sound BIG!

    The Fralin version has excellent clarity - listen to the sound clip here:

    Also, can't vouch for these but they look interesting...
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    I know those cuts are all CNC, but damn.... they all look soooo clean!! I am trying hard to not buy or build a Jag... I'm afraid the others would get ignored... And they should all be afraid, too.
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    I love to see a plan come together!
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