I have an early 90s Fender M-80 preamp. I really like the distortion channel on this amp but when I switch from the clean to distortion channel, there is a half second delay where there is no sound coming out of the preamp. I tried changing footswitches from a Fender to a Boss but nothing corrects this. I then noticed that the delay is even there when I change channels by pressing on the switch directly on the preamp. Has anyone had this problem and found a work around for it?
Right now the only option I see is to buy an AB pedal and have two cables going to my amp. One would be clean and would bypass the preamp and the other would be distorted and run through the M-80. I'm also wondering if this setup with two cables in the amp could cause any problems. I have an old 1970s ear Fender Super Reverb.
Any other options for me?

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