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    Default Great, now I cant stand my Les Paul

    Ive been playing LPs for years and I love them, but recently Ive been playing a buddys USA Strat alot. It just feels good and is literally fun to play. Its not as dark and heavy as the Gibson 57's but it gets close and add some pedals and you see God. My issue is now I cant stand to strap on the ol 10 pounder from Nashville. Id hate to get rid of her but my crusty old man spine just cant take it anymore. But I have also been eyeballin a Custom Shop Jaguar. I dont have a lot of experience with those but I love how they look. Are they much heavier than a strat? Do they play as well? Is the "rolled edges" a Strat thing or high end Fender in general? I really dont have a lot of experience with Fender/Squier products. I just know my friends strat is a awesome piece of art! Any info would be helpful. Thanks for reading...
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    Jaguars and Jazzmasters have a lot of real estate where your forearm rests and can be heavy if made of alder or ash that is not lightweight. The trem/bridge assembly is nowhere near as nice as on a Strat, but if you don't use the bar that's not a big issue.
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    Sell the LP and get an SG. You want talk about light and fun to play... it's a Formula 1 guitar, with a great, snarly humbucker sound.

    Jaguars are cool, too. The Johnny Marr I recently tried out was a knockout guitar, incredibly versatile.

    But man, I love me some SG. (When it has the good pickups, that is, not those deep mud 490R/498T things.)
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    Hah! Send me your Les Paul and I'll give you a buck-fiddy for it. No problem.
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    In my experience you will come back around to loving the Les Paul again. It's like having kids. You find a place in your heart to love them all. (Cue the violin music)
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