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    Default New Pickguard For My Bass VI

    Hey everyone,

    I'm hoping to get some input on this one, as it's not a pickguard I've had any experience with.

    I have one of the Fender Japan LTD Bass VI's from 2013. It's an incredible instrument! So, I want to get a new pickguard for it. I know what I want, just not exactly what it is.

    I see these older Jaguar's and Bass VI's and they have a brighter red PG. I don't know if it vintage correct, or an older Fender Japan thing. Kurt Cobain's Mustang had the color I'm speaking of, and his was an older USA model from my understanding.

    So, my Bass VI came with a tortoise shell PG. Now, I know the one I want is more red, but I don't know if it's 'Red Pearl' or 'Red Tortoise Shell'. I've heard both names mentioned and I'm not sure if they're one-and-the-same. I really like the old vintagey look of the red guard, and some cream pup covers :D, and I wanna get one. I just need to know which it is, or if they're the same. Warmoth offers the 'Red Pearl'.

    Here's some pics of what I'm talking about;

    My Bass VI has the same guard as this

    Here's some examples of the red I'm talkling about

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    I suggest you go to sites like

    Places like that make custom scratchplates and can come up with almost anything!
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