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    Default Expensive lesson learned

    Of all the guitars I've put together, I've done only one bass. It was more than 10 years ago, a P-Bass with a Koa body and a Bocote neck. I put a nice set of flat-wound RotoSounds on it and they've been there to this day. I really haven't used it much over the years, and when a friend asked about me making a bass for her son for X-mas, I said, "it's already done"!

    I sanded the neck back considerably, to reduce weight and make it easier for the 14-year-old to play and re-finished it with a bit of Tru-oil and gun wax. The truss rod needed some considerable tightening, and I decided to replace the strings, even though the flat-wound set probably had many years to go.

    I bought a set of DR Fat Beams, round-wound, for $25 and adjusted the truss rod, and then I put the new strings on. The first thing I noticed was how much more lively and resonant the bass sounded acoustically with these strings. The second thing I noticed is that you cannot trim bass strings like you do electric guitar strings. An extra 1-1/2 to 2" won't work. You need 4 - 5" extra.

    Bottom line is, I just threw $25 away, but if any of you have a short-scale 4-string bass, I have a new set of strings I can send you.
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    Bill Wyman played a short scale bass!
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    I can only wish that the expensive lessons I've learned cost me $25 Mike. ;)
    Stay tuned - SAguitar

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACfixer View Post
    I can only wish that the expensive lessons I've learned cost me $25 Mike. ;)
    Me too. Due that my fav song is My favorite mistake, Sh Crow.

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