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Thread: Blackstar HT-1R

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    Quick update, to extend a long boring story...:)

    I'm afraid the 5751 didn't work out too well for possibly two reasons. Since it is a lower gain tube than the 12AX7, you have to crank the gain up a little more. That, in and of itself, is not a problem, but I guess something has to give with inexpensive amps, and with this one, its noise. This is not exactly a quiet recording amp. You can tell why you pay so much for something like a Gries - dead quiet, full bodied tone at almost all volumes. The Blackstar starts humming like a beehive with the gain and volume knobs above at about 1 O'clock.

    So I rummaged through what I had and found a practically new JJECC83S, and figured this amp doesn't really deserve a Mullard CV4004 (of which I have a couple or three). My theory was that this way I'm back to the gain structure the amp was designed for and won't have to get into high noise territory. I think I'm just about there with the gain at about 11 O'clock and volume at about noon. I tweaked it with the speaker and it sounded great. Then, when I plugged it into the emulated out, it sounded rather thin and lifeless, so I cranked up the input gain on the Steinberg a fair bit. It sounding better now, still lifeless.

    I think that leads me to the second drawback of this amp - the emulated output sucks. No biggie, really, because I'll just use the extension speaker out, and go into the Suhr reactive load as I usually do, and use IRs. This, of course, puts a damper on my plan to use two amps; but maybe I can use the Blackstar's crappy emulated output and the Suhr/IR thing on the Gries with the ABY box, and maybe that will fatten up the overall tone.

    More experimentation is in order!

    If I were to sum up the Blackstar, I'd say, excellent tone for the money, but noisy and pretty awful speaker emulation. More later!


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