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Thread: Stiffness

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    Good to hear. The fish oil has cardiovascular benefits as well. The rub-on salicylate that Retro Rocker is using certainly can't hurt, and even closer to my heart, they also have capsaicin products - who would have thought that hot peppers could cool your joints? I saw Lester at the Iridium and his hands were really disfigured. He had totally economized his playing style and seemed comfortable with it, even though he could no longer play a lot of the nifty licks that he had recorded for posterity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Srini View Post
    Mike, I'd like to thank you for the fish oil suggestion. I'm not sure I can attribute it all to the fish oil, particularly in such a short time, but I've noticed my arthritic symptoms get significantly better over the past week or so that I've been taking it. I've yet to try the tart cherry extract, which I will, and I expect the combination to work well. A heartfelt thanks to all - you have no idea how much better this feels.

    Good to hear! Try the tart really worked for me. Better than Viox when I was able to get that a long time ago and even ibuprofen although it takes a few days to kick in.



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