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    Default Vintage / Modern 1992 Fender Telecaster

    1992 Fender MIM Standard Telecaster $450 / $60 shipping to lower 48

    Headstock serial number MN2107761, neckplate serial number 16730. I purchased this guitar in stock condition in 2006 and it is modified. The only original parts are the neck, frets, nut and body. It sounds great and plays like butter. This is not a fat necked 7.25" radius, 50's style Telecaster. It has a thin neck and 9.5" fretboard radius. I had it set up at Action Music in Falls Church, Virginia.

    Please take a look at the beautiful figuring and color in the maple neck, both front and back noted in the full guitar pictures.

    My goal in modification was to have it be as vintage looking as possible, but play like a modern guitar. I believe I came pretty close. Please note the little vintage-like details, like slotted screws, the black bakelite pickguard, the heavy knurled knobs, Kluson style tuners, round switch knob and the added serial number on the neck plate.

    I wired the electronics in vintage 1953-1967 style. So, there is a three way switch, a .047uf cap for tone and a 100pf bleed cap on the volume pot.

    There are two blemishes in the finish both of which were already there when the guitar arrived in my hands. None of them effect the playability of the guitar. On the front, there is a dimple that doesn't break through to the wood and less than the size of a dime next to the bridge plate on the bass side. On first look, you can barely see it. On the back is a curved scratch of varying depth about three inches long. I guess for a 23 year old guitar, that isn't too bad. If you want more pics, let me know and I'll send them to you.

    Here's a detailed list of parts and where I purchased them.

    GFS parts:
    Kluson style tuning machines
    Vintage tuner conversion bushings
    Vintage Alnico Chrome (I31) neck pickup
    Vintage Alnico 50 (I29) bridge pickup.

    Callaham Guitars parts:
    Black Fiberboard Bakelite Lacquered 1-ply Pickguard with 4" inch paint can shadow on back
    Electrosocket billet aluminum jack plate
    Switchcraft input jack
    Stainless steel old style round string tree
    Stainless steel serial numbered neck plate
    Slotted head, vintage styled, countersunk stainless steel screws for the neck plate, pickguard, control plate, string tree, bridge mounting, tuning machines, and switch plate.
    Polished, stainless steel control plate
    Two cryogenically treated CTS 250k solid shaft pots
    One cryogenically treated 3-way CRL Switchcraft switch
    Two Callaham heavy knurled, vintage style, domed knobs
    Vintage style round black switch tip
    Vintage style pull back cloth insulated wire
    .047 mfd Orange-drop tone capacitor
    100 pf Orange-drop volume bleed capacitor.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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