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    Default Mobile App Available iOS, Android, Win8

    We have signed FenderTalk up with mobile forum app maker Tapatalk to enable the forums here to be accessed their their free mobile app. The app works with iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile and Win8 mobile devices.

    All you need is to download the Tapatalk Mobile App and then search for FenderTalk. After you add FenderTalk to your "forums" list in Tapatalk just log in with your usual username and password.

    Our larger forums have their own dedicated apps, but we wanted to provide a similar (less customized) version for our smaller websites as well.

    Hope you enjoy the new mobile access.

    To get the app the easy way, just visit with your mobile device and you'll see a screen that will offer the correct download for that device.

    Or if you prefer here is a link to download the app - visit it on your mobile device and you'll be able to install the app right from this link - there is no cost:

    Remember... AFTER you install the app. Search for FenderTalk in Tapatalk and add the site to your list of forums on Tapatalk.
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    Got it!

    Thanks, Paul
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