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    Default Twisted Blues, Vol 2

    Guys, Oz Noy is a jazz player with a trend toward slightly dissonant funk and blues, and he has made two CDs now that lean toward the blues but are in no way your daddy's blues. He usually goes for the groove and interesting phrasing, and can say a lot more with 5 notes than most guys can with 100. But on this second volume he stretches out a bit and flat-out SHREDS it in a few places, almost making me snort coffee onto the keyboard (case in point would be the tracks "Just Groove Me" and "Slow Grease"). Stellar players, including Will Lee from Letterman's band and countless sessions as well as the Fab Feaux, and drummer genius Dave Weckl. This baby is available for download at for a buck and a half.

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    Ya mon, Oz is so far above me that I can't quite relate to his schtick. Kinda like way back when, during the time that I couldn't relate to Yes and John McLaughlin, I was doin' good at that time to relate to the harmony that the Allman Brothers were puttin' down, and these other guys were out there somewhere. Music is amazingly deep.
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