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    Default Used MIM Fender Std Jazz Bass price

    I snagged this used '02 MIM Fender Standard Jazz Bass at GC last week for $300 (no case) - and was just wondering if that is more or less the going rate for one of these.. I know the new ones are $600. The sales guy wouldn't deal at all, but I wanted the bass, so I finally gave up trying to talk him down..

    (I won't be able to take it home til the 30-day GC "Police Hold" period is over, though.)

    It played and sounded really good, and I loved the thin Jazz neck. Action was just where I like it. Light weight on this one, too. Everything seemed to be in good shape on her - other than a few dings here and there - nothing too serious.. It wasn't a case queen, though - it definitely has been played. Frets were in good shape.

    As I said, everything seems to be in good working order except for missing knobs (which they said they would replace by the time I picked it up.) Evidently some jerk stole the knobs off of it while it was hanging up there on the wall...

    Anyway, I was just wondering if $300 (plus tax) was a decent price for an early 2000's used MIM Jazz Bass. As I said, they wouldn't deal any on it at all (and this particular GC normally has dealt with me on gear in the past) - but this time I got a new sales guy I hadn't seen before, and for whatever reason, he just wouldn't budge on the $300. But I really liked the bass, and wanted it, so I paid the $300.

    Thanks for any info! Cell pics below - -

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    I got mine (also a 2002) for around $250 in a local pawn shop. $300 isn't bad.

    Mine had Strat knobs instead of the bakelite Jazz bass knobs. By the time I was finished with it I had installed a tortoiseshell pickguard and changed the controls to master volume, blend and tone. But I had a chance to pick up a 1983 Japan Squier SQ Precision and swapped the owner my MIM Standard.

    Those Standards are good solid basses.



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