Part 1:
Part 2:

Hello, I shot my friend Anthony a few weeks back about his quite ridiculous bass rig setup, I said Iíd put it up on a few forums where it might be of interest, hope you donít mind this been a first post.

Shot in Leeds, UK November 2012 for Music Radar/Brew

The first part covers his guitars.

Manufacturers discussed:

Fender UK
Leo Quan
Schuker Guitars
Ernie Ball Strings

This second part covers Anthonyís extensive pedalboard and amplification setup.

Gear List - Main Board:
Boss OC-2 Octaver
CopilotFX Dubscope
Markbass Super Synth
Darkglass Electronics microtubes B3k
DOD meatbox
Line6 M5
Mission Engineering Expression Pedal
Boss RC2 phrase looper
Cranetortoise by Albit SW-1B
Lovepedal Echo baby
ISP Decimator noise gate
Palmer PDI-09 Junction DI
[SFX] Parallel signal Looper/Blender

Digitech Jamman Stereo

Backup stuff:
Digitech Whammy
Pigtronix Mothership Analogue Synth

Pearce BC1 Bass Preamp
Orange Terror Bass 500w
Barefaced Bass Super15 Cab

Further info@
Tour dates:
Bandcamp/full album streams ➜

Thanks, if you need any questions answering from Anthony just leave a comment on this thread and Iíll get him on it.