Members are responsible to check back to these rules for updates.

We strongly discourage posts of a political or religious nature that may cause debate or flame wars.

1) No soliciting money. No selling products or promoting services.

1a) PLEASE pay attention to this newbies, if you are just dropping by to sell or promote something, your post will be deleted and if the conduct continues you and your IP address will be banned. Running this board costs money, and donations are purely voluntary (and very rare I might add). Established members are welcome to sell gear or even post the occasional link to a great deal etc, but joining up and posting for the purpose of selling gear or promoting another site is totally unacceptable. A good guideline is perhaps being a member for a month or so first. All things are at the mod's discretion and are not open for debate.

2) No spam, trolling or flaming.

3) No posting of pictures that might be considered offensive to general members. This includes pornography and nudity, photos of death and pics of a militant or demeaning nature that is offensive to members.

4) Respect your fellow members. No personal attacks or demeaning language.

5) No foul language. This includes the mention of guitar manufacturers that are not Fender... ok, just kidding on that one.

6) No excessive self promotion or posting of links. If you're a newbie and post links on your first posts, post a link more than once or post outside of the Web Site Links Forum; your link may be permanently changed or censored. If you want to just jump in and post a link, do it in the Web Site Links Forum only. One post per link. Also, do not put promotional website links in your signature or location fields, this is just another form of spam to us. Violating any of these protocols may result in immediate banishment from the green kingdom.

7) No excessive cross posting between forums and websites.

8.) Do not use multiple screen names. Use only one account per household.

9) No posting personal information of other members or individuals.

10) Members that heckle, flame, troll or threaten members may be booted. This includes well-meaning individuals that consistently start flames on the board.

11) Do not pretend to be someone you're not with fraudulent intentions.

12) If you're a newbie, don't post website links. Only post links in the "Website Links" forum. We want members that add content, not promotional spam.

13) Members are responsible for the information in their own posts.

14) We don't give warnings. If you break these rules, are spamming, overly self-promoting, heckling the admin or just an all around dork you may be banished. We'll usually be nice the first time so you can resign up again and be nice.

15) Do not post on the behalf of other individuals.

16) All animals are equal, but pigs are better.

17) This is not a rule, just a suggestion. Please don't post things in the main lounge that Cybermonsters won't understand. This includes posts about music, guitars, women, tablature, any music released between 1950 and 1984, politics, religion, children, IQ tests, sports, construction, home remodeling, lawn mowing, doing dishes, laying tile, cleaning carpets, cars, trucks, motorcycles, common sense, geometry, biology, that www thing, table manners, public etiquette, amps, sound systems, and any activities that take place further than a 30 mile radius from Barstow, CA. Just kidding....'n stuff.

18.) Do not EVER mention rule #18.

19) No posting pictures of Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island if she's over 35 years old. Let us keep one memory of our youth untouched. Ginger is ok, we'll give her up; but not Mary Ann.

20) If you have a pilot's license and don't crash too often, you should take Cybermonsters for a free airplane ride.

1) Profile - Go to your Profile and select your settings to customize your account. You can select your own Avatar (member graphic) and also a custom site layout just for you!

2) Questions? Post in the Suggestion Box with any questions or suggestions you have.

3) BB Newbie? Most of our members will be happy to answer basic questions about internet protocol and BB features. So don't be shy and ask!

4) Promoting a site? Stick to the web site links forum. If you jump on and start posting links in forums other than the web site links forum they will be permanently edited or blocked. We may consider links in your signature or location fields as spam, especially if you are a new member.

Welcome aboard and always remember to:
Rock On - Be Strong
Cybermonsters (Most Beloved Admin)