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    Default Bad off hand hum

    Hello all Im charlie and im new to this forum:)

    I have a very nice American J delux. Ive had it since I was 14, Im now 18 and its still kicking. But it has a really bad off-hand hum to it.

    why is that?

    theres no bad wireing and the plates in pretty good condition.

    I cant think of why it hums??

    thank you and regards


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    Welcome to the forum!

    I'm assuming that when you say "off-hand hum" you're referring to hum when you remove your hand from the metal parts of the guitar. A J-bass, having single-coil pickups, is prone to picking up RF (radio-frequency) hum from all sorts of sources - common examples would include motors, fluorescent lights, dimmers, etc. It's just the nature of the beast when dealing with single-coils. That's why the humbucker was invented.

    You don't say whether this is a new development or something you've always just lived with. In any case, all guitars can benefit from good shielding in the pickup and control cavities. In some cases the before-and-after difference can be pretty dramatic. I recommend reading up on the process at These directions, obviously, are for a Telecaster, but the principle applies to all guitars. I'm not familiar with what electronics suppliers are available to you in Oz; in the States, Stewart-MacDonald ( sells copper foil shielding tape that works very well, and if you're at all handy with tools and a soldering iron, the process is pretty easy.
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    If it's fairly quiet while you're playing it I don't see much of a problem. It's a really good habit to get into reefing your volume control right off at the end of every tune, immediately after the last drum whack. That way there's no annoying hum (from any bandmember) between tunes.

    In my music room I have a dimmer switch....gotta make sure that's off when I'm playing in there. Sometimes the slightest turn of your body and the guitar one way or the other will lessen the hum.

    I can't imagine any situation where you would have the guitar on and not have one of your hands touching it. Oh, wait...............



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