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    I often post my latest recordings on facebook. Admittedly I get as few comments there as I do here but I get a few "likes" now and then. At least here there is a common interest behind the forum. On FB you get swamped with people's intimate life details that they think everyone wants to know.
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    I'm a little late to the party, but then again, that's the story of my life.

    Anyhoo.. here are my recommendations based on more than two decades of fooling with the subject.

    1. Get a cheap mixer off Craigslist.. you can even score some baby Behringer boards new in the sub $100 range.

    2. Take the line out (RCA) from the mixer into your PC's Line In jack (or dual line in/mic jack) with an RCA to 1/8th inch cable you can pick up from the Dollar Tree for.. well.. a dollar.

    3. Either mic your cabinet, or use your amp or modeler's Direct Out into your mixer

    4. Download Audacity (free) and record your tracks like a pro, add multiple tracks, effects, cut out screw ups, etc

    Now if you want super awesome sound, then bag a mixer with either a USB interface built in, or score one of those $29 Behringer USB Audio Interfaces



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