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    Default Vintage Vibe jag pickups - P-90 simulators

    Well my pickups arrived from Pete and Vintage Vibe. I purchased the two jaguar-sized single-coil replacements that are designed to sound like p-90s.
    I must say they are absolutely amazing. The best pickups ive ever purchased. They do give a very bity tone that reminds me of p90s, with the warm mids as well, but they also sound quite unique. The thing that really impressed me was the clarity and the way they pickup even the smallest detail of my playing.
    I got the neck with alnico 5 magents and the bridge with ceramics. I found the ceramics were a bit too hot and a tiny bit muddy, whereas the alnico 5s made it sound much more like a p90 but again a kind of unique trebleness that you wont have heard before, but really works.
    Also mdae the guitar sound much bassier - when I hit those deep notes through reverb it sounds very very retro.
    They wouldnt fit within the claw, but it actually looks ok without them - almost a bit jazzmastery looking without the claw.
    Only minor drawback is that they do give off a bit of hum - not as bad as the Japanese stocks, but a little all the same.

    Anyway, with an output like these guys - something like 8 or 9 Ohm - if you want a jaguar with balls then these pickups are the right ones to buy. You wont be dissappointed.

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    Thanks for the heads up eddie. I'm a P90 fan and it's always nice to get peoples "take" on pickups and manufacturers.
    "I'm not ignorant, I just don't know stuff"



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