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    Default My Mustang and lots of etceteras.......

    I seldom start new topics; wish I did; anyhow I try.

    But it's been a weird day. In the middle of the night I brought out Sally Mustang, and tried as best as I could to answer the unanswered question of a Newbie with 1 post, on how to block a Dynamic Bridge on a Jagstang.

    I've undone blocked bridges, and built my own trem, but can't really say I've blocked one, though I know how it's done. I took Sally apart and tried to find proper names for the funny things that are inside that tremolo.

    I addressed the issues of the guy's post, even though it was just his first, and we know nuthin' 'bout him yet. Probably Kurt's nephew or what? :shock:

    Anyhow, put Sally back together today, and delicately cleaned only enough to keep her vintage and a little bit of a closet classic at age 32 going on 33, whilst giving her sparkle and a rosy-cheek shine, plus a good ahemmm...... lubrication. New D'Addario 10's went on and I'm just cursin' Leo in his grave for the difficulty he built into that confounded bridge. Then when I had to adjust it, and go out and buy a new set of hex keys, I cursed more at the poor (or is it rich?) man who made her than anybody should in a month of Sundays. :oops:

    Anyhow, I found the set up.

    Leo, I hope you're watching now 'cuz this baby sounds so sweet, she'll play up to any Strat, even an SG like Angus Young's when you get 'er cookin'. Certainly with the sliders, and out-of-phase sounds built in, instead of quack tones, and no middle pickup, she's not really in upper Strat territory. But forget that for a minute, and her tiny little body, and cramped neck width and short scale, and listen. Heavenly! I love the bright sparkle, charm and ringin' like a belle, as well as funky blue outta phases. Then she'll go on to drive distortion and push some effects like anything can. She's a ton of fun, less about 1992 pounds.

    Sorry I cursed Leo on a Sunday, 6 feet under & all, but it WAS hard. Now it's better. I love this little axe. She will be close by for light picking up and putting down, for songwriting. That's not often, but when there's time, and it's not hurting anyone. :roll:

    Extra funny stuff, for me anyhow. My son hears a "new sound" coming from downstairs, comes in with curiosity and says "I want that." For the first time in 8 or 9 years, I actually said "NO". He thought I was kidding. But then he tried to take 'er, then trade me his Strat and his new Rickenbacker and I said "NO". Sheesh, it's the ONLY guitar he wants now. Go out and get yourselves one. They're starting to get popular because of some new artist whose name is unknown to me. It was like when my son had to have a Ricky on account of Sam Roberts. :?

    So, I'll be playing this humble little girl if I feel like it with my new ZOOM G1, over a slew of Teles which I decided won't fall off my lap at the Coffee House-type thingy's. :D Very sweet sounding, never-really-appreciated, better student guitar with a reputation for being a real bad girl at set-up time, or just about anytime, when played hard. That's what I thought - but she's okay with some tweaking.

    What's my son gonna do without his new favorite guitar? Well, to tell you the truth, he's gonna start building his own, great-big synthesizer, from individual small parts and wires 'n stuff (with my help) , oh no, here we go. :?:

    For you new guys and girl within the last 3 -4 months, here's my baby girl Sally, born in 1974. Finally got her out and gonna give her a spanking or two, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. .

    ARRRGH, Bad girl, turn around and smile for the nice people!

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    That is a nice one!
    Yer guitar pickin' friend,
    "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing, 'n stuff!"

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    There you go Dwight! The Mustang is a real hidden gem. 8)
    [color=red]Just "Tele'in" it like it is.[/color]

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    I love my old 'Stang. I too it out for a spin at the last Woodstock Tribute for my Neil Young set:

    "But I don't want to go among mad people" Alice remarked.
    "Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat, "We're all mad here 'n stuff."



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